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From 1 July 2013 in Hungary introduced an electronic toll system of charging for the use of a total of 6513 km of Hungarian motorways and highways.

The new system meets the technological requirements of the European Union and (under Act No. LXVII of 2013 on road charging for the use of motorways and highways in proportion to the distance traveled) is compatible with the European Electronic Toll Service (EETS). The amount paid tolls proportional to the distance traveled depends on the type of road on the category of vehicle (J2, J3, J4) and its classification according to emission standards.

J2 category
Trucks with GVW exceeding 3.5 tons with 2 axles

J3 category
Trucks with GVW exceeding 3.5 t with 3 axles

J4 category
Trucks with GVW exceeding 3.5 t with 4 axles or more

The Hungarian government has commissioned Állami Autópálya Kezele Zrt. (AAK Zrt.) for toll collecting and providing all services related to toll. The company will also play an important role in subsequent inspections.

Methods of payment

Registered users

Registered users can subscribe toll payment system in advance. Account (created during the registration process) can be pre-charged. If driving on toll roads with onboard GPS unit LogisCarE the system will automatically deduct the cost of the driven section. Credit can be charged at point of sale (by credit card, fuel card, cash), or visit www.hu-go.hu. In addition, the credit may be charged by bank transfer.

Unregistered users

If you are not registered in the HU-GO system, you must purchase an one-time route ticket. Toll can be payed at point of sale (by credit card, fuel card, cash), or visit www.hu-go.hu.


An unauthorized use of toll roads will be followed by an administrative fine, which is responsible for the assessment by the police. The fine can be charged in two ways:

  • the local check - when the driver is fined
  • without stopping - a fine charging is based on the principle of objective responsibility to the owner / operator recorded in the registry of vehicles

Checking and fining takes place in addition to these two options on a checkpoint border stations. Foreigners can be charged without stopping on the next stay in Hungary.

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